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We treat your pet as if they are our own.

At Doggie Do your beloved pets will receive the best care. We don’t cage dogs (unless they are aggressive), and ensure we have comfortable beds available within the shop to make the experience pleasurable for all the dogs.

We believe that regular, thorough grooming is an essential element in every dog’s health and well-being. Our groomers will help keep your dog in optimal hygiene and looking fabulous at the same time.

We treat your pet as if they were our own. Our services menu provides a selection of various treatments. Your dog or cat’s coat, skin, teeth and nails will look, smell and feel better. Due to the intense number of pets suffering from allergies we only use hypoallergenic/tearless non-toxic products. Ingredients like aloe-vera, sea salts, vitamin-E and tea tree oils leaving their coats soft and shiny, protecting the skin from over drying.